Data Driven Destination Decisions

– Invitation Only (Phase 1) –

Driving The Local Economy through Data Science
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The Mission

– Launching September, 2020 –


Gather cross-industry data within a defined region to understand and grow a sustainable economy.

  • Generate a network of cross-industry companies
  • Distribute quarterly insight reports (to registered partners)
  • Work with the network to target user segments to increase the trickle-down effect
  • Support regional marketing effort in a quantitative way
  • Phase 2 – #GetSauced
^^Any personalized data shared data points are anonymized before reporting, data points can be withheld from our calculations upon request (insights from all regional data will be used within out quarterly reporting). WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR BUSINESSES SPECIFIC DATA.

The post-2020 economy is upon us today, crossing generations and effectively changing lifestyle habits. Making smart choices with how we invest and our time is paramount as each day matters…

We are working with businesses like yours to understand our regional trends and produce result-driven actionable insights based on actual data…

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Yes! Sign our pledge for the region, submit your application, and see if you get selected to joining the club!

Sustainable Local Focus Growth

Understanding how we select, chose, and spend within our community and those visiting will help us drive new business that produces a ripple effect.

Neighbors & Travelers Alike

Our purpose is to drive business that has 3rd-degree synergies, proven fundamental flows of funds, and well being to our community!

Outstanding Support

From your website and it’s data to quarterly trend books and forecasting, we are here to provide viable insights and marketing direction that benefits your business and community.

West Side of 75

From Rubonia to Osprey, FL (est of I75), GETSANDY is breaking the mold and is focused on understanding local trends to drive the local economy and bring back sustainable growth…

Our Coverage Area

Due to the nature of this project, we are focusing on a region where we are most familiar. If you are outside of this area, you will still be able to register and receive insights and updates from the GetSandy team! Our regional partner network encourages free-flowing information!

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Connecting our environments and resources help each other grow. From desires to mental health, our team is positioning the region to accomplish this by sharing search data and providing quarterly trend information and direction^* that benefits the local economy.


We The People… are accessing information using our mobile devices and search engines. Automating information across platforms helps us find information as we search.


It’s time to capitalize on the data most of don’t dive into. Becoming a sustainable region requires us to gather our data and make informed decisions to benefit our local economy.


Stay the course! It takes time to gather, but with mutually benefiting guidance we can all grow and experience the win!



Whether general or specific-purpose websites, corporations, freelancers, agencies, photographers, designers, bloggers, you name it, GETSANDY breaks the mold, adjusts creativity, and rocks the world of users for your business/venture to become peerless in the most competitive times ever.

We will be offering FREE^^ marketing services in exchange for some of your digital data.

We then use that data to understand our region and provide actionable insights! It has been said that Data is King, as we move into a New Economy phase it has become apparent that Data is Life!

In these unprecedented times, we are coming together in a new and exciting wat to make sense of our new “timeline” and how to leverage what we have wisely. Leveraging our data, the #GetSandy team will have a factually based view on where we live, how we interact, shop, where we spend our time and money. Through data, we will be able to glean the best way to increase awareness and leverage our diverse industries!

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Here are some of the companies sharing their data to sustainably understand and grow a sustainable business through data! Each partner signs over a minimum amount of information, the more shared the deeper we can dive and grow!^^

^^Any personalized data shared data points are anonymized before reporting, data points can be withheld from our calculations upon request. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR BUSINESSES SPECIFIC DATA.